About Us

About Us
King Dino is a company founded by Lamarr Couser.

Our purpose is to provides opportunities for all families and communities to connect through the power of fun! We also want to bring awareness through community engagement of the importance of mental and physical wellness.

Throughout generations, families have discovered that card playing creates a way to escape their everyday lives, and it creates a way to connect with each other more deeply. Whether it’s Texas Hold 'Em, Poker, Spades, Tunk, Rummy or Crazy Eights, you make memories that last a lifetime when you get the people you care about most together, no matter what the card game of choice

Our products are inspired by the Black community and its family dynamics surrounding card play. From family barbeques and summer block parties to a random Saturday night, the history of card playing within the Black community has always been used to connect families and neighborhoods.

As a Veteran this deck was designed to honor the men and women who served in the military. It was created in a vintage period also has allot of references from that recruiting poster period. This is the signature deck Create by King Dino who also wanted to his our to our first responders this deck also remember their sacrifice to our country.

It was important for us to display the power of that connection through the artwork displayed on each card, an honorable homage to African ancestry and mythology. At the heart of our products is the encouragement of unity, to put aside all differences and duties of the day, and for just an hour or two enjoy the company of the ones you love.